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Electrical Heating Parts

Available for providing heating wire, insulator , fine ceramics, and heat resistance adhesive etc for electrical heating.

Electrical heating wire/rolled wire Silica Glass Tube/Product
Nickel/Nickel chromium wire for electrical heating available for fast delivery. High quality sanded opacity silica tube available for fast delivery.
Insulator/Refractry Fine Ceramics
Insulator, bobbin, cylinder furnace, terminal insulator, insulator tube and etc. for electrical heating products. Fine ceramics made from Alumina, Steatite, or Mulite available for fast delivery.
Remove impurities from graphite carbon and its purity is more than 99.999%. Life-time is 10 times longer than quartz. SiC product which is changed from high purity new carbon by chemical reaction. Sintering medicine is not contained.
Ceramic Fiber Insulation / Adhesive Tape
Fiber product made from an alumina-silica. Resistance to heat at high temperature. Very light weght. Glass, Teflon, Silicone, or Kapton insulation tape and adhesive tape.
Self adhesive Tape Heat (silicone) shrinking tube
Increase the property of gastight and adhesion after heating. Resistance to heat, water, and weather. Available for quick shrinking by heating.
Glass Fiber Tubing Silicone Sponge / Sheet
Fiber tube produce from glass fiber to yarn. Heat resistivity, flexibility and electrical properties product. Insulator which has heat resistivity, cold resistivity, resistance to chemical and elasticity.
Mica Plate Silicone heat resistivity RTV adhesive
Resistance to heat, water and electrical insulation. Suitable for insulation plate for electrical heating. Room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) adhesive for sealing and bonding with electricity, electronic equipment.
Heat transfer compound (Paste Type) Heat resistance inorganic adhesive
Non metallic, inorganic paste and provide an efficient thermal conduction. Used for embedding a heater. Pasted adhesive made from various ceramic. Resistance to heat(after hardening) at high temperature.