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Temperature Sensor

T/C Sensor and T/C Connetor can be available for any solid/liquid heat Application and also preset (Bimetal) thermostat can be available.

T/C / Extension Wire Robertshew Thermostat
Various T/C available such as T-35 type, Insulation T/C, RTD, and also Extension Wire. Temperature control of any electrically heated solid, liquid or gas.
Bimetal Thermostat Bimetal Thermostat
These thermostats provide accurate control in limited space applications. Bimetal construction thermostat.
T/C Wafer Radiation Pyrometer
Suitable for Temperature control for Semiconductor Manufacturing Process. Compact size radiation pyrometer can be measured actual temp. instantly.
T/C Connector RF Thermocouple
T/C connector is used for thermocouple and extension wire connection. Radio Frequency Thermocouple is available for use in plasma generation.