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Air, Gas Heat

These heaters used for Air and Gas heating such as Heating, Melting, Drying, Dehumidify and etc .

Coil Finned Heater Quartz/Lamp Heater
Maximizes surface contact and heat is transferred into the air fastrer. High temp. & Long life (Tungsten & Halogen Gas enclosed into transparent quarts) .
IR Translucent Quartz Heater IR Ceramic Heater
General IR Translucent Quartz tubular heater. Radiant Heater included in Compact Ceramic Material and suitable for multiple application.
AITKEN Process Modules Solar Beam Heater
Constructed by AITKEN Sheath Heater. Compact Heating Equipment by using Transparent Quartz Heater.
Non-flame Air Heater Micro Air Cable Heater
This heater is using for Air Heating such as spot heat application. High temperature and clean heat can be provided by using special micro cable heater.
Hot Air Equipment Hot Air Gun
This equipment provide high effective and stable air heat for various application. STEINEL Hot Air Gun is available for various application which needs spot clean high temp.
Thermalink Range Isothermal [DRY MIGHTY]
Various range heaters are available .This Thermalink Range is constructed by Sheath heater element, which can be provide clean heat. All stainless equipment and easier operation by attached controller unit.
Electric Furnace Transparent Clear Heater
Tube furnace, Crucible Furnace, Muffle type Furnace are available for various application. Transparent Heater is suitable for dehumidify heating for traffic signal, sonsor, etc.