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Immersion Heater/PTC Heater

These heaters are using for direct immersion heating of liquid such as water, oil and etc. Also available special acid-proof immersion heaters.

Immersion Heater Quartz Pipe Heater
Ganeral heaters available for soaked in liquid such as water or oil. Available for aggressive liquid such as sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric acid heating.
Immersion Tubular Heater Immersion Screw Plug Heater
Available for various shape, U shape, Spiral shape, heater. Easier to install and change out for various liquid tanks because of screw construction.
Flange Immersion Heater Transparent Quartz Bath
Installation and maintenance is easier because of flange & bolt construction. Direct heat transfer from the heater installed on the surface of Transparent Quartz Bath.
PTC Heater (non immersion)  
PTC is made of doped polycrystalline ceramic on the basis of barium titanate.