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Flexible Heaters

Thin, bendable and shaped to fit your equipments.

Micro Heaters Square cable heaters
Flexible wire type with Small diameter. High contactivity.
SAMICONE Heaters 230SR
Pump Line Heating system

Silicone rubber material provides longer heater life. The Super 340 enable to perform temperature up to 340 degree C. Provide superior uniform heating of pipe lines.
Gas Line Heaters Drum heaters
Provides superior uniform heating of gas lines. Available with adjustable thermostats for temperatures up to 180 degree C.
Ribbon heaters Mantle heaters
Flexible, Constructed of glass fibers. Flexible, Constructed of glass fibers.
Bell Liner MOLI Heater
Suitable for clean rooms without Siloxane during operation. Heating cable.
Curling Heater Alminum foil heater
Pig tail heaters for piping lines, and gas lines. Flexible consist of Silicone wire heaters.
Silicone rubber/Silicone belt heater  
Applicable for heating pipe, lines, and gas lines.