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Solid/Metal heating

To heat up Metal, Metal Die and other solid directly.

FIREROD® Cartridge Heaters Hi-SD Rod Cartridge Heaters
Made by Watlow in U.S.A.,pioneer of cartridge heater. 500 kinds or more are always stocked. (Japan only) (Metric size/ prompt delivery)
High insulation and long life.Custom-made is available in a short lead time.
SUS straight/U-tubular heaters RAYROD® SUPER
Applicable for liquid,a gas,and metalic heating. RAYROD SUPER Applicable for 1100°C in regular use. It is a heater that can obtains high temperatures.
FIREBAR® Heaters NAGARON® Super ring
FIREBAR Heaters Wide surface area because of the flat type. Excellent in thermal conductivity. Applicable for 900°C in regular use.
Wire heater for nozzle K-RING® heaters
High connectivity and high available heat thanks to square heating element. K-RING heaters Casting heater with high thermal conductivity.
Band heaters Space heater
General band heater,is constructed of mica and high durability. Space Heater Mica strip heater, an economical and reliable source of heat for industrial equipments.
MI/MIE Band Heater Mini coil, nozzle Heater
MI/MIE Band Heater High thermal conductivity than mica and hard ceramic insulators used conventionally. Advantage eliminates failures in the adaptor area due to overheating.
Ceramic Fiber Heater Micro Ceramic Heater
Ceramic Fiber Heater Some of the highest temperatures heating element capabilities. Micro Ceramic Heater High watt density with small effective area.
Hot Plate Heater Far IR Ceramic Panel Heater
Hot Plate Heater Excellent temparature uniformity. Far IR Ceramic Panel Heater Heating element included in ceramic materiank and suitable for multiple application.
ITT strip Heater Quartz pipe Far IR Heater
ITT strip Heater Rugged heater capable of both high temparature and high watt densities. Quartz pipe Far IR Heater For many kinds of applications which air need to heated.
Quartz / Halogen lamp Heater Far IR Ceramic Heater
Quertz / Halogen lamp Heater For high temparature heater which perform long durability. Far IR Ceramic Heater Optimum for heating plastic mold.
Super Rapid Heater Far IR Ceramic Heater
(CE applicable) CE
Super Rapid Heater Makes for a fast temparature ramp rate of up to 450 degree C. Far IR Ceramic Heater Has the characteristics of changing color when heated; chameleon effect.