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Our History

1923 Obtained a patent on electric industrial iron. Started manufacturing and sales on the installment plan in Kojimacho, Tokyo as Sakaguchi Electric & Co.

1958 Completion of Factory and Head Office in Akihabara, Tokyo.
1965 Appointed a class-A tenderer by the Defense Agency
1968 Completion of Headquarters in Akihabara, Tokyo.
1969 Changed corporate name to Sakaguchi Electric Heaters Co., Ltd.
1976 Opened West Tokyo Sales Office.
1977 Opened Nagoya Sales Office.
1978 Succeeded in production of high-temperature(1,000℃) gas conductive test heater for National Institute of Advance Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).
1982 Succeeded in production of processing heaters for experiments in Space Shuttle.
Developed heaters for dialysis devices.
1983 Participated in High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEN)’s Tristan Project.
1986 Completed Sakura R&D Center.    
1988 Succeeded in production of mock test devices for Japanese Space Shuttle.
Opened Shiga Sales Office.
1999 Separated production division.  
2000 Completed Business Center in Kotobashi, Tokyo.  
2001 Opened Johoku Sales Office.
Succeeded in production of heating drum heaters for dioxin decomposition.
2002 Participated in Nobel-prize winning KAMIOKANDE project in photomultiplier shrink category.
Certified ISO14001 at all sales offices, R&D Center, and Headquarters
2004 Signed the United Nations Global Compact.
Succeeded in production of special heaters in H-II A rocket.
2006 Press-released the completion of unprecedented laser heating technology as ExLASER.
2007 Launched global business project.