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President's Message

Contributing to the world peace and happiness of all mankind through our business is Sakaguchi's top priority since our foundation 1923.
To realize this corporate policy,we continue to develop practical energy-transformation technologies in the forefront areas such as vacuum, optical, and chemical applications using electricity. This endeavor includes joint industry-university rsearch projects both domestic and overseas.

The number of original product items has reached over 2,600,000 since our inception, and we keep our technological edge to meet any customer requirements.
We are dedicated to serve more than expected through our flexible engineering-and-sales technology to support our customers' continuous growth and prosperity.

Mayumi Hachiya

Corporate Citizenship Activities

Sakaguchi International Scholarship Foundation,headed by Miyoko Sakaguchi,has been supporting more than 100 international students studeying in Japanese universities for over 20 years. Sakaguchi E.H VOC. Corp. continues to give not only financial contribution to the foundation but also opportunities to exchange views and opinions with company members to help broaden mutual and cultual understanding.

An important part of our mission is to realize sustainability for all mankind through our business, and it can be achieved both directly and indirectly. Supporting the scholarship foundation is one example of indirect contributions as a responsible corporate citizen in the world.